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OpenStack is an open source cloud computing platform that is rapidly gaining popularity in Enterprise data centres. It is one of the most used cloud infrastructures to support software development and big data analytics. As it controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources all through a dashboard, OpenStack has been growing in popularity in public and private cloud solutions.

OpenStack is known as the “Linux of the Cloud”. The cloud will no longer be “cloudy,” when you get to grips with it. This video will get you started with OpenStack, showing you how to build and operate a virtual computing environment and deploy OpenStack to build a private cloud. Starting off with the fundamentals, we'll gently build on them and move towards advanced topics. Through this course, you'll acquire all the skills you need to manage a Cloud platform using OpenStack.

We'll not only demystify the cloud, but you'll also take a big leap from being a cloud user to being able to build your own cloud. Learn the key concepts implemented and run these commands through step by step instructions.

You'll get an introduction to each OpenStack component so you can easily manage and configure key compute, networking, and storage resources. You'll develop your skills in OpenStack development by learning how to automate tasks. Work on any vendor's OpenStack or be vendor neutral and work on any cloud platform.

We will conclude by covering techniques to scale, monitor, and troubleshoot issues that might come up on this journey.

Style and Approach

This engaging course is full of real-world examples and is focused on giving you training in the Production environment. All of the concepts feature illustrations, diagrams, tips, cartoons, and practical examples.

Publication date:
September 2016
4 hours 51 minute

About the Author

  • Venu Murthy

    Venu Murthy has been fortunate to ride the cloud for more than half a decade now with a total of 13 years of rich experience in the field of IT, playing various roles from Systems Engineer to Developer. His invitation to the cloud journey began with the migration of the legacy on-premise systems to the cloud. Venu’s adventures lead to innovating the first “Cloud Bursting” driver for the “Linux of the Cloud,” OpenStack, which was funded by ThoughtWorks. It was open sourced a few months ago and is recognised by companies such as Rackspace and IBM.

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