Learning OpenCV 5 Computer Vision with Python - Fourth Edition

By Joseph Howse , Joe Minichino

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    Learning OpenCV 5 Computer Vision with Python, Fourth Edition: Tackle tools, techniques, and algorithms for computer vision and machine learning
About this book
Computer vision is a rapidly evolving science in the field of artificial intelligence, encompassing diverse use cases and techniques. This book will not only help those who are getting started with computer vision but also experts in the domain. You'll be able to put theory into practice by building apps with OpenCV 5 and Python 3. You'll start by setting up OpenCV 5 with Python 3 on various platforms. Next, you'll learn how to perform basic operations such as reading, writing, manipulating, and displaying images, videos, and camera feeds. From taking you through image processing, video analysis, depth estimation, and segmentation, to helping you gain practice by building a GUI app, this book ensures you'll have opportunities for hands-on activities. You'll tackle two popular challenges: face detection and face recognition. You'll also learn about object classification and machine learning, which will enable you to create and use object detectors and even track moving objects in real time. Later, you'll develop your skills in augmented reality and real-world 3D navigation. Finally, you'll cover ANNs and DNNs, learning how to develop apps for recognizing handwritten digits and classifying a person's gender and age, and you'll deploy your solutions to the Cloud. By the end of this book, you'll have the skills you need to execute real-world computer vision projects.
Publication date:
July 2023


Learning OpenCV 5 Computer Vision with Python, Fourth Edition: Tackle tools, techniques, and algorithms for computer vision and machine learning

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  1. Chapter 1: Setting Up OpenCV
  2. Chapter 2: Handling Files, Cameras, and GUIs
  3. Chapter 3: Processing Images with OpenCV
  4. Chapter 4: Depth Estimation and Segmentation
  5. Chapter 5: Detecting and Recognizing Faces
  6. Chapter 6: Retrieving Images and Searching Using Image Descriptors
  7. Chapter 7: Building Custom Object Detector
  8. Chapter 8: Tracking Objects
  9. Chapter 9: Camera Models and Augmented Reality
  10. Chapter 10: 3D Reconstruction and Navigation
  11. Chapter 11: Introduction to Neural Networks with OpenCV
  12. Chapter 12: OpenCV Applications at Scale
About the Authors
  • Joseph Howse

    Joseph Howse lives in a Canadian fishing village, where he chats with his cats, crafts his books, and nurtures an orchard of hardy fruit trees. He is President of Nummist Media Corporation, which exists to support his books and to provide mentoring and consulting services, with a specialty in computer vision. On average, in 2015-2022, Joseph has written 1.4 new books or new editions per year for Packt. He also writes fiction, including an upcoming novel about the lives of a group of young people in the last days of the Soviet Union.

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  • Joe Minichino

    Joe Minichino is an R&D labs engineer at Teamwork. He is a passionate programmer who is immensely curious about programming languages and technologies and constantly experimenting with them. Born and raised in Varese, Lombardy, Italy, and coming from a humanistic background in philosophy (at Milan's Università Statale), Joe has lived in Cork, Ireland, since 2004. There, he became a computer science graduate at the Cork Institute of Technology.

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Learning OpenCV 5 Computer Vision with Python - Fourth Edition
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