Learning MongoDB [Video]

3.8 (5 reviews total)
By Daniel Watrous
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About this video

Businesses now have access to more data than ever before, and a key challenge is how to ensure that data can be easily accessed and used efficiently. MongoDB makes it possible to store and process large sets of data in ways that drive up business value. The flexibility of unstructured storage, combined with robust querying and post processing functionality, make MongoDB a compelling solution for enterprise big data needs.

Learning MongoDB will show you how to install, configure, and secure MongoDB to meet the demands of modern enterprise data systems. You will quickly master data management, queries, post processing, and essential enterprise redundancy requirements to achieve high availability and fast response times.

The course begins with installation instructions and moves on to the essential features, covering advanced data manipulation and high availability. Then, topics such as backup and recovery are covered. Advanced data analysis is demonstrated using both MapReduce and the MongoDB aggregation framework with clear diagrams and examples.

As we move to the end of the course, we delve into SSL security and programmatic access using various languages. You'll also learn about MongoDB’s built-in redundancy and scale features, replica sets, and sharding.

This video course will take you on a journey from all the downright basics of MongoDB to the deployment of a reliable, secure, and enterprise-ready big data solution.

Style and Approach

This video course is a step-by-step tutorial on understanding how to get the best out of MongoDB. The course is laced with well explained examples and explains the concepts along with their practical implementation. It has a repository at your disposal, additional resources, and high-resolution diagrams to make learning a piece of cake. 

Publication date:
January 2015
3 hours 26 minutes

About the Author

  • Daniel Watrous

    Daniel Watrous is a 15-year veteran of designing web-enabled software. His focus on data store technologies spans relational databases, caching systems, and contemporary NoSQL stores. For the last six years, he has designed and deployed enterprise-scale MongoDB solutions in semiconductor manufacturing and information technology companies. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Utah, focusing on semiconductor physics and optoelectronics. He also completed an MBA from the Northwest Nazarene University. In his current position as senior cloud architect with Hewlett Packard, he focuses on highly scalable cloud-native software systems. He also owns a small software company and actively documents much of his work on his site http://software.danielwatrous.com/.

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Latest Reviews

(5 reviews total)
I don’t know where my books are. No one is communicating with me.
Gli argomenti avanzati non sono estremamente approfonditi, ma effettivamente a me serviva un "avvio" alla tecnologia.
I am currently writing a book on MongoDB and wanted to see from a pedagogical perspective how the author was presenting the chapters, especially the MapReduce framework and the Aggregation Framework. Both chapters are correctly covered. I only might state that it is a light introduction to both frameworks. The video contained some minor errors which I believe because it referred to a previous MongoDB version. Apart from that it is a good introduction for those who are starting to delve into MongoDB.
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