Learning DevOps

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By Mikael Krief
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  1. Section 1: DevOps and Infrastructure as Code

About this book

The implementation of DevOps processes requires the efficient use of various tools, and the choice of these tools is crucial for the sustainability of projects and collaboration between development (Dev) and operations (Ops). This book presents the different patterns and tools that you can use to provision and configure an infrastructure in the cloud. You'll begin by understanding DevOps culture, the application of DevOps in cloud infrastructure, provisioning with Terraform, configuration with Ansible, and image building with Packer. You'll then be taken through source code versioning with Git and the construction of a DevOps CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins, GitLab CI, and Azure Pipelines. This DevOps handbook will also guide you in containerizing and deploying your applications with Docker and Kubernetes. You'll learn how to reduce deployment downtime with blue-green deployment and the feature flags technique, and study DevOps practices for open source projects. Finally, you'll grasp some best practices for reducing the overall application lead time to ensure faster time to market.

By the end of this book, you'll have built a solid foundation in DevOps, and developed the skills necessary to enhance a traditional software delivery process using modern software delivery tools and techniques

Publication date:
October 2019


Section 1: DevOps and Infrastructure as Code

The objectives of the first section are to present the DevOps culture and to provide all of the keys for the best Infrastructure as Code practices. This section explains the DevOps application on cloud infrastructure, showing provisioning using Terraform and configuration with Ansible. Then, we improve this by templating this infrastructure with Packer.

We will have the following chapters in this section:

  • Chapter 1, DevOps Culture and Practices
  • Chapter 2, Provisioning Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform
  • Chapter 3, Using Ansible for Configuring IaaS Infrastructure
  • Chapter 4, Optimizing Infrastructure Deployment with Packer

About the Author

  • Mikael Krief

    Mikael Krief lives in France and works as a DevOps engineer. He came to believe that Infrastructure as Code is a fundamental practice in DevOps culture. He is therefore interested in HashiCorp products and specializes in the use of Terraform in several company contexts. He loves to share his passion through various communities, such as the HashiCorp User Groups. In 2019, he wrote the book Learning DevOps (Packt Publishing), and he also contributes to many public projects, writes blogs and other books, and speaks at conferences. For all his contributions and passion, he was nominated and selected as a HashiCorp Ambassador, and he has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for 5 years.

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Learning DevOps
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