Learning Azure Process Automation Using PowerShell [Video]

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By Vijay Saini
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About this video

Azure PowerShell (PowerShell + Az Module) is a set of cmdlets to manage Azure resources directly from the PowerShell command line. Azure PowerShell is designed to make it easy to learn and get started with managing Azure resources and provides powerful features for automation. It is used to perform powerful, common tasks in Microsoft Azure through an extension of Windows PowerShell. Without logging in, users can enter a single cmdlet from the command line to create a new virtual machine.

This course is designed to take the system administrators to an advanced level and make them more efficient at their work. You will find ways to automate your daily work using the advantages of Windows PowerShell. It covers a wider list of topics such as how to deploy a virtual machine in Azure Cloud, connecting local PowerShell to Azure, deploying new Azure resources using PowerShell, Azure PowerShell to query and format output, how to administer Azure storage using Azure PowerShell, application code development, code enhancement, and publishing of the application. The last section focuses on PowerShell basics.

By the end of this course, you will be able to administer and manage Azure resources and automate Azure tasks using PowerShell easily. Administrators will find it easier to create, test, deploy, and manage Azure cloud platform services.

The code files and all other resources are uploaded on GitHub at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Learning-Azure-Process-Automation-using-PowerShell

Publication date:
August 2021
3 hours 58 minutes

About the Author

  • Vijay Saini

    Vijay Saini is an IT professional who has diversified knowledge across multiple domains in the industry. Working in a leading cloud service provider company, he has truly shown potential in automating small to large scale automation which truly resulted in cost benefits for the business and a successful carrier.

    Vijay has a vast knowledge of Microsoft Azure, cloud technologies, DBMS, Python, and specialization in automation using PowerShell.

    He loves to teach from the very beginning and Udemy is the platform that helps him in continuation of the same passion.

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Learning Azure Process Automation Using PowerShell [Video]
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