Learning Axure RP [Video]

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By Stuart Hopper
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  1. Introduction to the Axure 7 User Interface

About this video

Axure RP is the industry leading tool for user experience professionals to communicate their ideas to colleagues and clients. It helps you create design “views” or variations for your projects that are fit for different screen sizes.

In this course you will learn how to create files and design patterns that you can use for all your responsive projects. Then you will customize what you’ve created to build an online bookshop for multiple devices.

In this extended edition, learn the basics of prototyping with Axure before moving onto advanced features like Adaptive Views and the Repeater widget. From basic wireframing and prototyping, through to creating and customizing an e-commerce framework for a responsive online bookstore, and testing on devices, we take you from beginner to pro in this 4-hour video course.

You will learn the techniques to manage the design process optimally for everyone, from a one man UX freelancer to enterprise environments. You’ll have the time and expertise to take your projects further with richer, more advanced interactions. With this course you will learn how to work smarter and faster.

Style and Approach

This course shows you an easy and straightforward way to make your projects interactive and adaptive, demonstrated through practical examples and easy-to-grasp concepts displayed just for you.

Publication date:
January 2015
4 hours 19 minutes

About the Author

  • Stuart Hopper

    Stuart has been working in digital media in London for 12 years, and in UX roles for the last six, five of which were spent using Axure RP extensively. Pushing the boundaries of the tool, Stuart has used it to create products for ASOS.com, comparethemarket.com, and nutmeg.com. More recently at NEST pensions he has been working to improve the experience of millions of UK employers as they auto-enroll their workforce. Know more about him and his work through his website http://www.wedesignexperience.co.uk/.

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