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Revolutionary changes in the mobile world introduced various type of devices such as smart phones, tablets, and IoT devices, all connected to a network based on a HTTP protocol and HTML 5. This lead to a big push to build REST-based services that expose data over HTTP with content negotiation techniques that can be seamlessly consumed by various devices with different platforms. ASP.NET Web API is the primary framework for .NET developers to build REST-based services using the latest standards and serve the growing need to expose data.

This course takes you on a journey right from the basics and explains the building blocks of Web API through an example application. Starting off with the basics, we discuss REST Constraints when designing an API with a change in the ASP.NET Core framework. Then we explore building blocks such as Routing, URI Controllers, HTTP verbs, and implement REST through examples.

As we move on, we’ll delve into some advanced key topics such as dependency injection, versioning, caching, and more to build a modular, testable and maintainable application. Then we consume the complete API using an MVC client and provide a quick overview of AngularJS Client.

Finally, we develop a Restful API using ASP.Net Core API. We wrap up with a few handy tips and best practices to make robust and scalable APIs. By the end of this course, you will have a thorough knowledge of Web API services and advanced features so you can easily get started.

Publication date:
June 2016
2 hours 50 minutes

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  • Brij Bhushan Mishra

    Brij Bhushan Mishra is a 5 times Microsoft MVP, Author, blogger, speaker and .NET geek. He is currently associated with an MNC as Technical Architect/Consultant in Microsoft technologies.  He is also a Microsoft certified Technology Specialist in Web Applications and Windows Communication Foundation Applications. He is very active in community and regularly speaks in various conferences and user groups. He has written numerous articles for Code Project and regularly blogs at his personal blog http://codewala.net. Some of his blog posts have been featured on the ASP.NET Microsoft official website (http://www.asp.net) and other various online communities. Other than his community activities, he loves exploring new places with his lovely wife. You can get in touch with him via his blog and on Twitter at @code_wala.

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