Learn Spring Core Framework the Easy Way [Video]

By Karthikeya T.
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  1. Introduction

About this video

Are you a professional willing to enter the Spring Framework world?

Spring Core is the starting point to learn the Spring Framework, and having a solid understanding of the core concepts of Spring would not only ease your journey to learn other modules/projects of Spring but also clear interviews.

Spring is a lightweight, extensible, robust framework (or rather framework of frameworks!) to create enterprise applications that are easy to maintain.

Spring Core is the core module that comes with an embedded servlet container (IOC container) and would enable the core functionalities of Spring. You can think of Spring Core as the core engine on which other modules would run.

This course is taught in a beginner-friendly way and the only expectation from you is that you know Java.

We’ll be working with Spring 5.1.1 in this course. However, this course should be compatible with 5.X versions of Spring.

All the resources for this course are available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Learn-Spring-Core-Framework-the-Easy-Way-

Publication date:
April 2021
5 hours 10 minutes

About the Author

  • Karthikeya T.

    Teaching is an art in Karthikeya T.’s opinion. He believes it’s the responsibility of the instructor to make sure that the student understands the concepts.

    He doesn’t want to promote his decade and a half of experience in the industry. All his experience means nothing to him if he fails to teach his students in the way they understand.

    His primary focus is to teach the technology and ease our journey to a successful life.

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