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Python is a powerful high-level, object-oriented programming language. This is a comprehensive guide on how to get started in Python and how you could learn it with the help of games.

In the first section, we will be building our first game. We will use pure Python programming in combination with the built-in Python Turtle module. We will learn how to move our runner around a game screen which we’ll create. In section two, we will enhance what we have learned in section one by combining the power of Turtle Graphics with the tkinter framework. We will add scoring to our game, create obstacles and increase the speed of the game.

In section three, we will install and use the PyGame module. PyGame is used to build professional games but we can start quite simple. We will be building a game with a player that runs and jumps within landscapes. We will learn how to use PyGame sprites and sprite sheets to animate our game. In the fourth section, we will use the PyGame module to build a three-dimensional game. We will build a starship and learn how to navigate it in space. We will explore several features of PyGame to avoid collisions with asteroids and destroy them.

By the end of this video course, you'll gain a solid understanding of Python along with a hands-on experience in building amazing games. So let’s Rock & Roll!

The codes of this course are uploaded on GitHub: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/-Learn-Python-Programming-with-Games

Style and Approach

Using a simple approach of learning how to efficiently program in Python with the help of interesting games.

Publication date:
September 2018
2 hours 41 minutes

About the Author

  • Burkhard Meier

    Burkhard Meier has more than 19 years of professional experience working in the software industry as a software tester and developer, specializing in software test automation development, execution, and analysis. He has a very strong background in Python 3 software test automation development, as well as in SQL relational database administration, the development of stored procedures, and debugging code. His previous jobs include working as a senior test automation engineer and designer for InfoGenesis (now Agilysys), QAD, InTouch Health, and FLIR Systems. Over the past three years, he has also developed several video courses on Python for Packt, the latest course being Mastering Object-Oriented Programming with Python.

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私はPythonの初心者ですが、ゲームを作りながら学んでいくのはすごい着眼点だと思います。 説明も丁寧で、これから楽しみです!
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