Learn Power Query

By Linda Foulkes , Warren Sparrow
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  1. Section 1: Overview of Power Pivot and Power Query

About this book

Power Query is a data connection technology that allows you to connect, combine, and refine data from multiple sources to meet your business analysis requirements. With this Power Query book, you’ll be empowered to work with a variety of data sources to create interactive reports and dashboards using Excel and Power BI.

You’ll start by learning how to access Power Query across different versions of Excel and install the Power BI engine. After you've explored Power Pivot, you’ll see why Excel users find it challenging to clean data in Power Pivot and learn how Power Query can help to tackle the problem. The book will show you how to transform data using the Query Editor and write functions in Power Query. A dedicated section will focus on functions such as IF, Index, and Modulo, and creating parameters to alter query paths in a table. You’ll also work with dashboards, get to grips with multi-dimensional reporting, and create automated reports. As you advance, you'll cover the M formula language in Power Query, delve into the basic M syntax, and write the M query language with the help of examples such as loading all library functions offline in Excel and Power BI. Finally, the book will demonstrate the difference between M and DAX and show how results are produced in M.

By the end of this book, you’ll be ready to create impressive dashboards and multi-dimensional reports in Power Query and turn data into valuable insights.

Publication date:
July 2020


Section 1: Overview of Power Pivot and Power Query

This is the first part of this Learn Power Query book. It will take you through the steps to access Power Query across different versions of Microsoft Excel and to install the Power BI engine. We will look at Power Pivot and its shortcomings and how Excel users find it difficult to clean their data in Power Pivot. We will solve this problem by introducing Power Query through an example. We will discuss the use of Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power BI, and then delve into the basics of Power Query and Power Pivot.

This section comprises the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Installation and Setup
  • Chapter 2, Power Pivot Basics, Inadequacies, and Data Management
  • Chapter 3, Introduction to the Power Query Interface
  • Chapter 4, Connecting to Various Data Sources Using Get & Transform

About the Authors

  • Linda Foulkes

    Linda Foulkes is a Microsoft Office Master Trainer, Certified Educator, and Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator and Trainer with an educational and corporate background spanning over 25 years. As well as being certified as an IT trainer, Linda represented South Africa at the Microsoft Global Forum in Redmond in 2015. She has certified and coached students to compete at the Microsoft Office Specialist Championships in Texas. She has also published Learn Microsoft Office 2019 through Packt. Linda has also presented at conferences and conducted webinars for SchoolNet SA, and hosted TeachMeets and MicrosoftMeets. She has a keen interest in e-learning and has developed e-learning paths and content for the Microsoft Office suite of programs.

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  • Warren Sparrow

    Warren Sparrow is a Microsoft, Adobe, and National Geographic Certified Educator. He has been a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator for the last 6 years, and a fellow in 2015. Warren is regularly invited to be a guest speaker at different global educational events, including the annual Microsoft conference on Office 365 in 2015. His core focus is long-term strategy, training, and technology implementation. He has provided training and development in both the education and corporate sectors. He also played an advisory role to the Western Cape Education Department (South Africa), giving assistance on the roll-out of hardware and software, as well as the training of educators and the implementation of technology in school classrooms

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