Learn Data Structures and Algorithms with Golang

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By Bhagvan Kommadi
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    Section 1: Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms and the Go Language
About this book

Golang is one of the fastest growing programming languages in the software industry. Its speed, simplicity, and reliability make it the perfect choice for building robust applications. This brings the need to have a solid foundation in data structures and algorithms with Go so as to build scalable applications. Complete with hands-on tutorials, this book will guide you in using the best data structures and algorithms for problem solving.

The book begins with an introduction to Go data structures and algorithms. You'll learn how to store data using linked lists, arrays, stacks, and queues. Moving ahead, you'll discover how to implement sorting and searching algorithms, followed by binary search trees. This book will also help you improve the performance of your applications by stringing data types and implementing hash structures in algorithm design. Finally, you'll be able to apply traditional data structures to solve real-world problems.

By the end of the book, you'll have become adept at implementing classic data structures and algorithms in Go, propelling you to become a confident Go programmer.

Publication date:
March 2019


Section 1: Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms and the Go Language

We will be introducing the abstract data types, definition, and classification of data structures. Readers will be well-versed with performance analysis of algorithms and choosing appropriate data structures for structural design patterns after reading this part.

This section contains the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Chapter 2, Getting Started with Go for Data Structures and Algorithms
About the Author
  • Bhagvan Kommadi

    Bhagvan Kommadi, Founder, Architect Corner has around 18 years experience in the industry ranging from large-scale enterprise development to incubating software product startups. He has done Masters in Industrial Systems Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology (1997) and Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (1993). He is currently working as CTO of Crystal Delta Solutions. He is the member of IFX forum and an Individual member of Oracle JCP. He has developed Go language based blockchain solutions in retail, education, banking, and financial services sectors. These blockchain solutions were based on Chain Core (Go language based), Ethereum and Hyperledger blockchain platforms. He has experience in building high transactional applications using Java, C, C++, C#, Python, Go, Ruby and JavaScript frameworks. He has reviewed books such as Beyond Software Architecture-Creating and sustaining winning solutions by Luke Hohmann and Algorithms of the intelligent Web by Dr. Haralambos (Babis) Marmanis.

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все отлично все отлично все отлично
Great selection, fantastic prices.
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Learn Data Structures and Algorithms with Golang
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