Learn C Programming - Second Edition

By Jeff Szuhay
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About this book

The foundation for many modern programming languages such as C++, C#, JavaScript, and Go, C is widely used as a system programming language as well as for embedded systems and high-performance computing. With this book, you'll be able to get up to speed with C in no time.

The book takes you through basic programming concepts and shows you how to implement them in the C programming language. Throughout the book, you’ll create and run programs that demonstrate essential C concepts, such as program structure with functions, control structures such as loops and conditional statements, and complex data structures. As you make progress, you’ll get to grips with in-code documentation, testing, and validation methods. This new edition expands upon the use of enumerations, arrays, and additional C features, and provides two working programs based on the code used in the book. What's more, this book uses the method of intentional failure, where you'll develop a working program and then purposely break it to see what happens, thereby learning how to recognize possible mistakes when they happen.

By the end of this C programming book, you’ll have developed basic programming skills in C that can be easily applied to other programming languages and have gained a solid foundation for you to build on as a programmer.

Publication date:
July 2022

About the Author

  • Jeff Szuhay

    Jeff Szuhay is the principal developer at QuarterTil2 which specializes in graphics-rich software chronographs for desktop environments. In his software career of over 35 years, he has engaged in a full range of development activities from systems analysis and systems performance tuning to application design, from initial development through full testing and final delivery. Throughout that time, he has taught computer applications and programming languages at various educational levels from elementary school students to university students, as well as developed and presented professional, on-site training.

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Learn C Programming - Second Edition
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