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This book covers how to develop different applications and solve recurring problems using Laravel 4 design patterns. It will walk you through the widely used design patterns—the Builder (Manager) pattern, Factory pattern, Repository pattern, and Strategy pattern—and will empower you to use these patterns while developing various applications with Laravel. This book will help you find stable and acceptable solutions, thereby improving the quality of your applications. Throughout the course of the book, you will be introduced to a number of clear, practical examples about PHP design patterns and their usage in various projects. You will also get acquainted with the best practices for Laravel that will greatly reduce the probability of introducing errors into your web applications.

By the end of the book, you will be accustomed to the best practices and the important design patterns used in Laravel to make a great website.

Publication date:
July 2014

About the Authors

  • Arda Kılıçdağı

    Arda Kılıçdağı is a PHP/MySQL/JavaScript/Linux programmer and server administrator from Turkey. He has been developing applications with PHP since 2005. He administers the Turkish national support site of the world famous open source content management script, PHP-Fusion. He's also one of the international developers and a member of the management team of CMS, and he plays an important role in CMS's future. He has worked as a developer and has experience on projects such as Begendy (an exclusive private shopping website) and Futbolkurdu (a local soccer news website). He has experience working with the Facebook API, the Twitter API, and PayPal's Adaptive Payment API (used on crowdfunding websites such as KickStarter). He's also experienced with JavaScript, and he's infusing his applications with JavaScript and jQuery, both on frontend and backend sides.

    He has developed applications using CodeIgniter and CakePHP for about 4 years, but these PHP frameworks didn't suit his needs completely, and that's why he decided to use another framework for his projects. After getting introduced to Laravel, he has developed all his applications with it.

    He's also interested in Unix and Linux, and he uses Linux on a daily basis. He's administering the world's best-known microcomputer, Raspberry Pi's biggest Turkish community website, Raspberry Pi Türkiye Topluluğu (Raspberry Pi Turkish Community Website).

    Before authoring this book, Arda has written two other books. The first book is Laravel Application Development Blueprints, Packt Publishing, coauthored by H. İbrahim YILMAZ. The second book, Raspberry Pi, Dikeyeksen Consulting & Publishing, is written in Turkish.

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  • H. İbrahim YILMAZ

    H. İbrahim YILMAZ is a daddy, developer, geek, and an e-commerce consultant from Turkey. After his education at Münster University, Germany, he worked as a developer and software coordinator in over a dozen ventures. During this period, he developed the usage of APIs such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Grooveshark, and PayPal.

    Currently, he's focused on creating his company about concurrent computing, Big Data, and game programming. He writes articles on Erlang, Riak, functional programming, and Big Data on his personal blog at http://blog.drlinux.org. He is a big Pink Floyd fan, playing bass guitar is his hobby, and he writes poems at http://okyan.us.

    He has a daughter called İklim. He lives in a house full of Linux boxes in Istanbul, Turkey.

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