iOS 15 Programming for Beginners - Sixth Edition

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By Ahmad Sahar , Craig Clayton
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    Chapter 1: Getting Familiar with Xcode
About this book

With almost 2 million apps on the App Store, iOS mobile apps continue to be incredibly popular. Anyone can reach millions of customers around the world by publishing their apps on the App Store. iOS 15 Programming for Beginners is a comprehensive introduction for those who are new to iOS. It covers the entire process of learning the Swift language, writing your own app, and publishing it on the App Store.

Complete with hands-on tutorials, projects, and self-assessment questions, this easy-to-follow guide will help you get well-versed with the Swift language to build your apps and introduce exciting new technologies that you can incorporate into your apps. You'll learn how to publish iOS apps and work with Mac Catalyst, SharePlay, SwiftUI, Swift concurrency, and much more.

By the end of this iOS development book, you'll have the knowledge and skills to write and publish interesting apps, and more importantly, to use the online resources available to enhance your app development journey.

Publication date:
December 2021


Part 1: Swift

Welcome to Part 1 of this book. In this part, you will begin by exploring Xcode, Apple's programming environment, which is also known as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). After that, you will start learning the foundations of Swift 5, the programming language used in iOS apps, and see how it is used to accomplish common programming tasks.

This part comprises the following chapters:

By the end of this part, you'll understand the process of creating an app and running it on a simulator or device, and you'll have a working knowledge of how to use the Swift programming language, in order to...

About the Authors
  • Ahmad Sahar

    Ahmad Sahar is a trainer, presenter, and consultant at Tomafuwi Productions, specializing in conducting training courses for macOS and iOS, macOS Support Essentials certification courses, and iOS Development courses. He is a member of the DevCon iOS and MyCocoaHeads online communities in Malaysia, and has conducted presentations and talks for both groups. In his spare time, he likes building and programming LEGO Mindstorms robots.

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  • Craig Clayton

    Craig Clayton is a self-taught, senior iOS engineer, instructor and mentor at Ed Farm, specializing in cultivate change and promote innovation in education. He also volunteered as the organizer of the Suncoast iOS meetup group in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area for three years, preparing presentations and hands-on talks for this group and other groups in the community.

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iOS 15 Programming for Beginners - Sixth Edition
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