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These days, everything uses a database, and SQLite is one of the most popular databases out there. Free and open-source, SQLite is a great database for smaller projects, hobby projects, or testing and development.

Likewise, Python is one of the most popular and powerful programming languages today. Pairing the two together is a powerful combination!

In this course you'll learn the basics of using SQLite with Python.

You'll learn how to create databases and tables, add data, sort data, create reports, pull specific data, and more.

For this course, we assume you already have a basic knowledge of Python programming, but you don't need to know anything at all about databases or SQLite to take the course.

At the end of the course, you'll build a very basic app to help reinforce all the things you learned along the way.

Style and Approach

This course is packed with step-by-step instructions and working examples.

Publication date:
May 2019
1 hour 27 minutes

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  • John Elder

    John Elder is a pioneer in Web Development who created one of the first Internet advertising networks back in 1997. He sold it to a publicly traded company at the height of the dot com boom and then went on to create the best-selling Submission-Spider search engine submission software that's been used by over 3 million individuals and small businesses in over 45 countries. John graduated with honors with a degree in economics from Washington University in St. Louis where he was an artsci scholar. Today he teaches Web Development courses at Codemy the online code school he founded.

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Introduction to SQLite Databases for Python Programming [Video]
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