Intelligent Workloads at the Edge

By Indraneel Mitra , Ryan Burke
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About this book

The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed how people think about and interact with the world. The ubiquitous deployment of sensors around us makes it possible to study the world at any level of accuracy and enable data-driven decision-making anywhere. Data analytics and machine learning (ML) powered by elastic cloud computing have accelerated our ability to understand and analyze the huge amount of data generated by the IoT. Now, edge computing brings information technologies closer to the data source to lower latency and reduce cost.

This book will teach you to combine the technologies of edge computing, data analytics, and machine learning to deliver next-generation cyber-physical outcomes. You'll begin by discovering how to create software applications that run on edge devices with AWS IoT Greengrass. As you advance, you'll learn how to process and stream IoT data from the edge to the cloud and use it to train ML models using Amazon SageMaker. The book also shows you how to train these models and run them at the edge for optimized performance, cost savings, and data compliance.

By the end of this IoT book, you'll be able to scope your own IoT workloads, bring the power of machine learning to the edge, and operate those workloads in a production setting.

Publication date:
January 2022

About the Authors

  • Indraneel Mitra

    Indraneel Mitra is a Principal Solutions Architect for IoT at Amazon Web Services. He has 16+ years of IT Consulting and Architecting experiences with Startups & Fortune 500 customers across different industry verticals. He has spoken at different events such as AWS re:invent, AWS Summits, AWS Webinar & Twitch shows, RSA Cybersecutity Conference, Emerging Technologies for Enterprise (ETE) conference and local meetups on different topics for years as a seasoned Public Speaker. Neel is also the co-author and trainer of the popular IoT Course AWS IoT: Developing and Deploying an Internet of Things available on coursera and edX. He holds MS in Software Engineering from BITS Pilani, India.

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  • Ryan Burke

    Ryan Burke is the worldwide technical leader for IoT at Amazon Web Services. He has developed web services, user experiences, and architected solutions in the IoT domain for ten years; working in IT overall for fifteen years. He has spoken to audiences on IoT topics at events such as AWS re:Invent, SxSW, TDWI, and local MeetUp communities. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and served six years as a communications officer in the U.S. Air Force Reserves. In his free time, Ryan enjoys yoga, coffee snobbery, games of all kinds, and annoying his family with a new smart home project.

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Intelligent Workloads at the Edge
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