Implementing Multifactor Authentication

By Marco Fanti
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About this book

Multifactor authentication has emerged as one of the best ways to tackle the global cybersecurity concerns in recent years, but choosing the wrong MFA solution for your needs can do more harm than good.

Implementing Multifactor Authentication will show you how to choose, deploy, and troubleshoot multiple authentication methods in your applications to make them safer without compromising the user experience.

You'll start with an introduction to authentication and explain how MFA comes into the picture along with understanding why it is important. You will learn how MFA works and the types currently available on the market. As you progress through the chapters, you will learn how to choose the right MFA set up to keep the user experience as friendly as possible. You’ll also explore different ways how hackers bypass MFA and how to protect your applications from these attacks.

Next, you’ll delve into how MFA helps mitigate cyber threats, cover best practices, and real-world scenarios. You'll also learn how to enable and manage the MFA model in public clouds like AWS, Azure, and GCP, how biometrics fits into the equation, and what the next wave of innovation might bring.

By the end of this book, you will understand how to secure MFA solutions and how your organization can protect itself from MFA hacking.

Publication date:
March 2023

About the Author

  • Marco Fanti

    Marco Fanti started his career as a software engineer. He spent many years as a consultant and manager, specializing in security. A buyer of security products, he realized it was more fun to invent and build them. He has worked for many security startups developing identity and access management products. During his career, he worked for companies including enCommerce, Oracle, and Accenture and has created products that protect millions of users. He enjoys learning and has two M.Sc. degrees (NYIT and NYU) and an MBA from UF. He also likes to learn how software products work allowing him to create solutions for his clients that combine the best of different products. Originally from Brazil, he currently resides near Tampa, FL, with his wife.

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Implementing Multifactor Authentication
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