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This video course begins by teaching you all there is to know about transformations, one of the most important aspects in Informatica. These transformations are arranged on the basis of their importance and usage. You will learn how to use transformations such as Aggregator and Filter, after which you will move on to more advanced transformations such as Joiner, Union, and Rank. The second half of this course revolves around how to classify transformations, based on whether they're active/passive, or connected/unconnected. Finally, you will learn to implement the Slowly Changing Dimension problem and sharpen your data warehousing skills!

Publication date:
July 2017
1 hour 39 minutes

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  • Rahul Malewar

    Rahul Malewar has been working on various Data Warehousing tools for 10 years, primarily on Informatica Power Center. He has worked on various versions of Informatica Power Center, from version 8.1 to the latest version, 9.x, and Informatica Cloud. He has worked in various MNC's in India such as UST Global, Cognizant Technologies, and Principal Financial services in Pune, India. He has worked on the implementation of some Data Warehouses involving Informatica for fortune 500 MNC's such as Wellpoint, Principal. He has experience in working on multiple real-time projects in a couple of MNC's; utilizing those skills, he has written the book. He has now been running his own training center named Learn Well Technocraft (www.dw-learnwell.com) since 2010; here, he provides training on more than 25 Data warehousing technologies via classroom, corporate, and online means. He has also written a blog on data warehousing concepts. As of today, he has provided training to more than 1,200 candidates ranging from freshers to professionals with 20 years' experience. He is also a Director of a software firm named Gut Lernen Technocraft Pvt. Ltd. where they work on data warehousing and mobile-related projects. He provides free assistance on Informatica installation-related topics and other technical issues; he can be contacted at info@dw-learnwell.com.

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Implementing Informatica PowerCenter 9 [Video]
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