Identity Federation using Microsoft ADFS and Azure AD [Video]

By Himanshu Rana
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About this video

When organizations want external parties to consume their applications (be it on-premises or cloud), federation comes into the picture. Federation allows external identities (from partner organizations or individual contractors) to access the published applications in another organization using their own organization's user account or their personal social media accounts. This video course primarily talks about the federation of identities using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and Azure Active Directory (AAD).

The course begins with an introduction to identity federation to help you to understand the importance of federation in accessing and sharing resources easily across businesses. Next, you’ll plan your own ADFS deployment and learn to configure ADFS in a single organization and business to business (B2B) environment. You’ll also implement ADFS infrastructure in Azure IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) and learn how Azure AD works as a federation broker. Moving ahead, you’ll register a custom domain in Azure AD and sync their on-premises user objects to Azure AD using Azure AD Connect. Finally, you’ll learn in detail about Azure AD B2B collaboration and how to create a tenant and register a sample application in an Azure B2C environment.

 By the end of this course, you’ll have learned identity federation and explored the identity federation capabilities of Azure AD. 

Disclaimer: This course does not cover any web application coding to make the application claim aware. We have used ready-made sample applications for demonstration.

Publication date:
September 2020
7 hours 35 minutes

About the Author
  • Himanshu Rana

    Himanshu Rana is a consultant, and his primary focus is on Windows Active Directory, PKI, ADFS, and Microsoft Azure. He has been in this industry for over 11 years and has worked on a variety of projects for various clients. He has been employed as a corporate trainer in one of the best offshore training companies and delivered corporate training on various Microsoft certifications to students all over the globe. Being a Microsoft Certified Trainer, he still follows his passion for teaching.

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Identity Federation using Microsoft ADFS and Azure AD [Video]
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