Hands-On Software Engineering with Golang

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By Achilleas Anagnostopoulos
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    Section 1: Software Engineering and the Software Development Life Cycle
About this book

Over the last few years, Go has become one of the favorite languages for building scalable and distributed systems. Its opinionated design and built-in concurrency features make it easy for engineers to author code that efficiently utilizes all available CPU cores.

This Golang book distills industry best practices for writing lean Go code that is easy to test and maintain, and helps you to explore its practical implementation by creating a multi-tier application called Links ‘R’ Us from scratch. You’ll be guided through all the steps involved in designing, implementing, testing, deploying, and scaling an application. Starting with a monolithic architecture, you’ll iteratively transform the project into a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that supports the efficient out-of-core processing of large link graphs. You’ll learn about various cutting-edge and advanced software engineering techniques such as building extensible data processing pipelines, designing APIs using gRPC, and running distributed graph processing algorithms at scale. Finally, you’ll learn how to compile and package your Go services using Docker and automate their deployment to a Kubernetes cluster.

By the end of this book, you’ll know how to think like a professional software developer or engineer and write lean and efficient Go code.

Publication date:
January 2020


Section 1: Software Engineering and the Software Development Life Cycle

The objective of part one is to familiarize you with the concept of software engineering, the stages of the software development life cycle, and the various roles of software engineers.

This section comprises the following chapter:

  • Chapter 1, A Bird's-Eye View of Software Engineering
About the Author
  • Achilleas Anagnostopoulos

    Achilleas Anagnostopoulos has been writing code in a multitude of programming languages since the mid 90s. His main interest lies in building scalable, microservice-based distributed systems where components are interconnected via gRPC or message queues. Achilleas has over 4 years of experience building production-grade systems using Go and occasionally enjoys pushing the language to its limits through his experimental gopher-os project: a 64-bit kernel written entirely in Go. He is currently a member of the Juju team at Canonical, contributing to one of the largest open source Go code bases in existence.

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Non trivial sample application completely written conform the learned best practices
Hands-On Software Engineering with Golang
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