Hands-On Neural Networks with TensorFlow 2.0

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By Paolo Galeone
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  1. Section 1: Neural Network Fundamentals

About this book

TensorFlow, the most popular and widely used machine learning framework, has made it possible for almost anyone to develop machine learning solutions with ease. With TensorFlow (TF) 2.0, you'll explore a revamped framework structure, offering a wide variety of new features aimed at improving productivity and ease of use for developers.

This book covers machine learning with a focus on developing neural network-based solutions. You'll start by getting familiar with the concepts and techniques required to build solutions to deep learning problems. As you advance, you’ll learn how to create classifiers, build object detection and semantic segmentation networks, train generative models, and speed up the development process using TF 2.0 tools such as TensorFlow Datasets and TensorFlow Hub.

By the end of this TensorFlow book, you'll be ready to solve any machine learning problem by developing solutions using TF 2.0 and putting them into production.

Publication date:
September 2019


Section 1: Neural Network Fundamentals

This section provides a basic introduction to machine learning and the important concepts of neural networks and deep learning.

This section comprises the following chapters:

About the Author

  • Paolo Galeone

    Paolo Galeone is a computer engineer with strong practical experience. After getting his MSc degree, he joined the Computer Vision Laboratory at the University of Bologna, Italy, as a research fellow, where he improved his computer vision and machine learning knowledge working on a broad range of research topics. Currently, he leads the Computer Vision and Machine Learning laboratory at ZURU Tech, Italy.

    In 2019, Google recognized his expertise by awarding him the title of Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Machine Learning. As a GDE, he shares his passion for machine learning and the TensorFlow framework by blogging, speaking at conferences, contributing to open-source projects, and answering questions on Stack Overflow.

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