Hands-On Keras for Machine Learning Engineers [Video]

By Mike West
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  1. Introduction

About this video

Welcome to hands-on Keras for machine learning engineers. This is a carefully structured course to guide you in your journey to learn deep learning in Python with Keras. Discover the Keras Python library for deep learning and learn the process of developing and evaluating deep learning models using it.

There are two top numerical platforms for developing deep learning models; they are Theano, developed by the University of Montreal, and TensorFlow developed at Google. Both were developed for use in Python and both can be leveraged by the super-simple-to-use Keras library. Keras wraps the numerical computing complexity of Theano and TensorFlow, providing a concise API that we will use to develop our own neural network and deep learning models. Keras has become the gold standard in the applied space for rapid prototyping deep learning models.

This course is a hands-on guide. It is a playbook and a workbook intended for you to learn by doing and then apply your new understanding to your own deep learning Keras models.

All resources and code files for this course are placed here: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Hands-On-Keras-for-Machine-Learning-Engineers

Publication date:
November 2021
2 hours 17 minutes

About the Author

  • Mike West

    Mike West is the founder of LogikBot. He has worked with databases for over two decades. He has worked for or consulted with over 50 different companies as a full-time employee or consultant. These were Fortune 500 as well as several small to mid-size companies. Some include Georgia Pacific, SunTrust, Reed Construction Data, Building Systems Design, NetCertainty, The Home Shopping Network, SwingVote, Atlanta Gas and Light, and Northrup Grumman.

    Over the last five years, Mike has transitioned to the exciting world of applied machine learning. He is excited to show you what he has learned and help you move into one of the single-most important fields in this space.

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Hands-On Keras for Machine Learning Engineers [Video]
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