Hands-On Design Patterns and Best Practices with Julia

4.9 (12 reviews total)
By Tom Kwong
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  1. Section 1: Getting Started with Design Patterns

About this book

Design patterns are fundamental techniques for developing reusable and maintainable code. They provide a set of proven solutions that allow developers to solve problems in software development quickly. This book will demonstrate how to leverage design patterns with real-world applications.

Starting with an overview of design patterns and best practices in application design, you'll learn about some of the most fundamental Julia features such as modules, data types, functions/interfaces, and metaprogramming. You'll then get to grips with the modern Julia design patterns for building large-scale applications with a focus on performance, reusability, robustness, and maintainability. The book also covers anti-patterns and how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls in development. You'll see how traditional object-oriented patterns can be implemented differently and more effectively in Julia. Finally, you'll explore various use cases and examples, such as how expert Julia developers use design patterns in their open source packages.

By the end of this Julia programming book, you'll have learned methods to improve software design, extensibility, and reusability, and be able to use design patterns efficiently to overcome common challenges in software development.

Publication date:
January 2020


Section 1: Getting Started with Design Patterns

The aim of this section is to introduce you to how design patterns are used in general and how Julia is different from the object-oriented programming paradigm.

This section contains the following chapter:

  • Chapter 1Design Patterns and Related Principles

About the Author

  • Tom Kwong

    Tom Kwong, CFA, is an experienced software engineer with over 25 years of industry programming experience. He has spent the majority of his career in the financial services industry. His expertise includes software architecture, design, and the development of trading/risk systems. Since 2017, he has uncovered the Julia language and has worked on several open source packages, including SASLib.jl. He currently works at Western Asset Management Company, a prestige asset management company that specializes in fixed income investment services. He holds an MS degree in computer science from the University of California, Santa Barbara (from 1993), and he holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation since 2009.

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Latest Reviews

(12 reviews total)
Very competent and useful book.
The book serves its purpose well, there are some minor mix-ups and suboptimal examples but its is worth the value on a sale.
Great books to learn Julia design patterns. It is better to know Julia at least beginner levels, but I feel that learning design patterns directly without learning Julia is not impossible if readers have read some examples or tutorial pages of Julia.

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Hands-On Design Patterns and Best Practices with Julia
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