Hands-On Application Development with PyCharm

By Quan Nguyen
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    Section 1: The Basics of PyCharm
About this book

JetBrain’s PyCharm is the most popular Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used by the Python community thanks to its numerous features that facilitate faster, more accurate, and more productive programming practices. However, the abundance of options and customizations can make PyCharm seem quite intimidating.

Hands-on Application Development with PyCharm starts with PyCharm’s installation and configuration process, and systematically takes you through a number of its powerful features that can greatly improve your productivity. You’ll explore code automation, version control, graphical debugging/testing, management of virtual environments, and much more. Finally, you’ll delve into specific PyCharm features that support web development and data science, two of the fastest growing applications in Python programming. These include the integration of the Django framework as well as the extensive support for IPython and Jupyter Notebook.

By the end of this PyCharm book, you will have gained extensive knowledge of the tool and be able to implement its features and make the most of its support for your projects.

Publication date:
September 2019


Section 1: The Basics of PyCharm

This section includes the first two chapters of this book. Mainly concerned with introducing readers to the idea of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) as well as the details of PyCharm, this section will discuss various comparisons between PyCharm itself and other notable editors/IDEs in the Python community, in combination with the differences between the two versions of PyCharm available for download.

The first chapter will not go into any technical details of using PyCharm. Instead, we will analyze the purpose of using an IDE for programming projects and who (in terms of the level of competence, familiarity with Python, and so on) will benefit the most from using an IDE in general and using PyCharm specifically. The case will be made for choosing to use PyCharm over other editors and IDEs for your Python projects (given that some pre-conditions are satisfied).

The second chapter will then lay out a step-by-step guide that walks you through the process of downloading, registering, and setting up your PyCharm environment, which will put you in the optimal position to start any Python project with the full support of PyCharm.

This section includes the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Introduction to PyCharm – the Most Popular IDE for Python
  • Chapter 2, Installing and Configuring PyCharm
About the Author
  • Quan Nguyen

    Quan Nguyen is a Python programmer and machine learning enthusiast. He is interested in solving decision-making problems under uncertainty. Quan has authored several books on Python programming and scientific computing. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in computer science at Washington University in St. Louis, researching Bayesian methods in machine learning.

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Hands-On Application Development with PyCharm
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