Google Workspace User Guide

By Balaji Iyer
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About this book

Google Workspace has evolved from individual Google services to a suite of apps that improve productivity and promote efficient collaboration in an enterprise organization.

This book takes you through the evolution of Google Workspace, features included in each Workspace edition, and various core services such as Cloud Identity, Gmail, Calendar, and more. You’ll explore the functionality of each configuration, which will help you make informed decisions for your organization. Later chapters will show you how to implement security configurations that are available at different layers of Workspace and also how Workspace meets essential enterprise compliance needs. You’ll gain a high-level overview of the core services available in Google Workspace, using Google Apps Script, App Sheet, or Google Cloud Platform. Finally, you’ll explore the different tools Google offers when you’re adopting Google Cloud and migrating your data from legacy mail servers or on-premise applications over to cloud servers.

By the end of this Google Workspace book, you’ll be able to successfully deploy Google Workspace, configure users, and migrate data, thereby helping with cloud adoption.

Publication date:
May 2022

About the Author

  • Balaji Iyer

    Balaji Iyer is a technologist and has a long career designing and building applications, from the client-server era to the modern cloud era. He helped build Rackspace Cloud and now currently leads engineering teams that build user-friendly products in the cloud. He is a certified Google Cloud Architect professional. He cares about connecting passion to purpose and is maniacal about simplifying technology so that it can reach masses. Outside of technology, Balaji is fond of long distance running and has a few full marathons under his belt. He also continues to play Cricket and Tennis on weekends and goes on long hikes with his son when time permits.

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Google Workspace User Guide
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