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Go comes out of the box with a full-featured standard library, requiring little in the way of third-party libraries for things like string manipulation, file and network I/O, testing, HTTP servers, and so much more.

In this course, we will dive into the packages that are the most commonly used within the standard library, including fmt, strings, strconv, errors, flag, regexp, io, os, bytes, math, time, archive, compress and image. We will also cover the net/http and context packages packages to build resilient networked applications like HTTP servers and clients. We’ll learn how to take in and serve up JSON for our REST APIs using the encoding/json package. Testing is a first class citizen in Go and we’ll learn how to take full advantage of it using the testing package. Lastly, no Go course would be complete without getting into what draws many to Go in the first place, it’s concurrency primitives and patterns.

Style and Approach

Weʼll take an example-based approach for learning how to use the different packages we cover. The goal is to teach you how to leverage the power of the standard library without having to use any third-party libraries to build tools and applications using the Go programming language.

Publication date:
November 2017
3 hours 17 minutes

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  • Johnny Boursiquot

    Johnny Boursiquot is a multi-disciplined Software and Cloud Systems Engineer with two decades of industry experience spanning various server, client, and mobile technologies. His past roles include developer, co-founder, teacher and CTO.

    His love for technology is matched only by his passion for community service. He is a GoBridge Core Member, the founder, and organizer of the Baltimore Golang User Group, a previous organizer for the Boston Ruby User Group, and the Boston Golang User Group. He regularly serves as a speaker and teacher for various organizations that seek to diversify the tech industry. He has been known to mentor a number of young technology professionals in the Boston and Baltimore metro areas.
    Feel free to reach him on Twitter @jboursiquot.

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Exactly what I was looking for! This is the perfect course for the intermediate Go programmer who have not dug deep into the standard library mostly due to bad habits carried over from other languages/platforms of reaching out for frameworks first. I was shocked with how much functionality there is available by default in the standard library Johnny's style of teaching is perfect for my case--I needed to learn quick and wanted good code samples. Each section is delivered in a concise manner and is perfect for watching during my lunch period. He may talk a bit too fast at time and sometimes he switches screens too fast. But hey, you can always pause and repeat. For Go beginners, get this course, learn the standard library and be proficient in it from the get go. This course is a great find and is one of the most useful Go courses I have in my collection. Thank you very much Johnny. Please make some more Go courses in the intermediate to advanced range.
Really enjoy the presenter's style. Code-focused with interesting tidbits constantly flowing in. Excellent approach, excellent content.

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