Getting to Grips with WooCommerce in WordPress [Video]

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By Benjamin Dordoigne
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About this video

With over one million downloads, WooCommerce is the leading e-commerce plugin for WordPress. In this in-depth course, you will go from no experience to having a deep understanding of how WooCommerce works. You will be covering all of the basics such as setting up WooCommerce, adding products, shipping costs, and adding variants. You will master subjects in depth, such as securing your transactions, adding coupons, printing labels, upselling, cross-selling, grouped products, and testing out your store. In this course, you will get the big picture of how to successfully run a WooCommerce store.

Style and Approach

Join Ben as he teaches you WooCommerce from the ground up. Ben teaches in a fun and friendly manner ensuring you will be encouraged to finish the course.

Publication date:
June 2017
3 hours 14 minutes

About the Author
  • Benjamin Dordoigne

    Benjamin Dordoigne is a frontend developer with a passion for WordPress and WooCommerce. He has developed and consulted on over 100 WordPress websites for clients and businesses. Benjamin is super passionate about the web and has a keen eye when it comes to development. His previous work has been experienced by thousands of users worldwide every year, using the best frontend technologies such as WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery.

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Getting to Grips with WooCommerce in WordPress [Video]
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