Getting Started With Julia [Video]

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By Erik Engheim
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About this video

Julia is a new programming language designed for the needs of data scientists, statisticians, scientific computing, and engineers. Usually these disciplines have had to use a variety of of tools and languages:

  • Matlab
  • Python with Numpy
  • R
  • C/C++ or Fortran for high performance

With Julia you can replace all these tools with one programming language, since it offers both flexibility and speed.

Julia is a young language with limited documentation and although rapidly growing, a small user community. Most developers today will know the object oriented paradigm used in mainstream languages such as Python, Java and C++. This presents a challenge switching to Julia which is more functionally oriented. This course will not only introduce the language, but also explain how to think differently about problems with the Julia approach.

Style and Approach

This course teaches the fundamentals of Julia to developers with basic knowledge of programming. It is taught in a hands on approach, with simple programming examples the student can try themselves. Building on that, it will invite the user to a tour of the ecosystem of Julia through practical code examples.

Publication date:
March 2017
9 hours 50 minutes

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(3 reviews total)
I am glad for the purchase.
Nice video. If you have some experience with other languages you can understand everything just by watching. It is an easy start.
This is the best and most thorough video tutorial on a programming language I ever layed eyes on. The teacher is *very* knowledgeable and takes his time to show many details, which are (in this case) very relevant.
Getting Started With Julia [Video]
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