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Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. Are you a software programmer who wants to learn go language from scratch to build amazing applications, then this course is for you!

This course begins with covering the basic fundamentals of golang along with creating a basic application. You will learn data types, control structures, loops, and object-oriented concepts in golang. Then, you will be familiar with the tools used for Go development and will learn to perform testing. Also, you will learn certain standard libraries used in golang. Moving ahead, you will be introduced to Viper and Cobra libraries to build Command Line applications. Finally, you will learn to work with configuration files.

Publication date:
August 2017
3 hours 24 minutes

About the Author

  • Matthew Spaulding

    Matt Spaulding is a programmer living in the Portland area. His interests are around programming languages, distributed systems, and network security and how those subjects apply to building elegant, automated, secure systems. He has worked in a variety of technical roles in the areas of Release Engineering, Software Engineering, and DevOps. He blogs from time to time on whatever he happens to be working on currently. When not programming he spends time with his wife and two daughters, reads books, listens to podcasts, and occasionally enjoys the great outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.

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