Getting Started with Elastic Stack 8.0

By Asjad Athick
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About this book

The Elastic Stack helps you work with massive volumes of data to power use cases in search, observability, and security solution areas.

This three-part book starts with an introduction to the Elastic Stack with high-level commentary on the different solutions the stack can be leveraged for. The second section of the book dives into each core component, giving you a robust understanding of the component and the role it plays. You start with Elasticsearch to ingest, search, analyze and store data for your use cases. You then look at Logstash, Beats, and Elastic Agent as components that can collect, transform and load data. Next, you look at Kibana as an interface to consume Elastic solutions and interact with data on Elasticsearch.

The final section explores the three main use cases offered on top of the Elastic Stack. You start with full-text search and look at real-world outcomes powered by search capabilities. You also look at how the stack can be used to monitor and observe large and complex IT environments. Then you look at how to detect, prevent and respond to security threats across your environment. The book ends with architecture best practices for successful Elastic Stack deployments.

The book uses hands-on examples to accelerate your journey with the Elastic Stack and help you understand the value you can derive from it.

Publication date:
March 2022

About the Author

  • Asjad Athick

    Asjad Athick is a Security Specialist at Elastic with demonstrated experience in architecting enterprise-scale solutions on the cloud. He believes in empowering people with the right tools to help them achieve their goals. At Elastic, he works with a broad range of customers across Australia and New Zealand to help them understand their environment; this allows to build robust threat detection, prevention, and response capabilities. He previously worked in the telecommunications space to build security capability to help analysts identify and contextualize unknown cyber threats. Having a background in application development and technology consulting, he has worked with various small businesses and start-up organizations across Australia.

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Getting Started with Elastic Stack 8.0
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