Getting Started with CockroachDB

By Kishen Das Kondabagilu Rajanna
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About this book

CockroachDB is a trending distributed SQL database for building scalable cloud services. This book will introduce you to CockroachDB and help you understand how it provides high-speed data access by storing copies of data in multiple physical locations. With this book, you'll see how you can use the database to provide solutions where the data is highly available.

Starting with CockroachDB's installation, setup, and configuration, this book will familiarize you with the database architecture and database design principles. You'll then discover how CockroachDB stores copies of your data to ensure fast data access. The book covers the internals of CockroachDB, how to deploy and manage it on the cloud, performance tuning to get the best out of CockroachDB, and how to scale data across continents and serve it locally. In addition to this, you'll get to grips with fault tolerance and auto-rebalancing, how indexes work, CockroachDB Admin UI, and much more. The book will guide you in building scalable cloud services on top of CockroachDB, covering administrative and security aspects and tips for troubleshooting, deployment, and other performance enhancement aspects.

By the end of this book, you'll have the knowledge you need to manage your data on CockroachDB and interact with it from your application layer.

Publication date:
February 2022

About the Author

Getting Started with CockroachDB
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