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JavaScript frameworks are great tools to build mobile apps. They’re efficient, have lower development costs, and tend to have the security benefits that come with large, active communities of developers.

In this course, we’ll take inspiration from Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers’ Bloom application and build a generative music box app in the browser with JavaScript. We’ll build a web application using JavaScript, which allows you to create generative, ambient music. With a small amount of code, we’ll handle our mouse clicks, use the canvas for the user interface and graphics, and leverage the Web Audio API to create sound.

We’ll also spend a lot of time scheduling events and organizing our code. This project is a great way to practice programming in JavaScript by creating an interactive and dynamic application right in your browser. For this course, you need basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming skills.

By the end of this course, we’ll be creating a completely running music box application.

All the code files and resources for this course are available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Generative-Music-Box-Project

Publication date:
May 2021
1 hour 14 minutes

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  • Elisabeth Robson

    Elisabeth Robson is a co-founder and principal at WickedlySmart, an author and software developer, and teaches online courses for O’Reilly Media and LinkedIn Learning. She’s the co-author of four best-selling titles—Head First JavaScript Programming, Head First Design Patterns, Head First HTML & CSS, and Head First HTML5 Programming—and was previously the director of special projects and co-director of the Head First series at O’Reilly Media. Prior to her work at O’Reilly Media, Elisabeth was the director of engineering at The Walt Disney Company. Elisabeth holds a master’s degree in computer science from Yale University.

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  • Eric Freeman

    Eric Freeman is described by Head First series co-creator Kathy Sierra as “one of those rare individuals fluent in the language, practice, and culture of multiple domains from hipster hacker, corporate VP, engineer, think tank.” Professionally, Eric recently ended nearly a decade as a media company executive, having held the position of CTO of Disney Online at The Walt Disney Company. Eric now devotes his time to writing and teaching software technology.

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Generative Music Box Project Using JavaScript [Video]
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