Funambol Mobile Open Source

By Stefano Fornari , Rosalinda Garza Mozayani , Funambol inc
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About this book
Funambol is a free and open source mobile synchronization server that provides push email, address book and calendar (PIM) data synchronization, and device management for wireless devices. Are you looking to sync your email and other data with mobile devices for easy access? This book will show you how to do that via the Internet cloud. With the help of this complete, practical guide you will learn how to access your email, calendar, contacts, important notes a lot more easily and quickly using Funambol. You will be able to sync a large number of online applications with your mobile devices. You will also be able to develop, deploy, and manage any mobile project. This book will show you how to provide a full-featured PIM synchronization and push email service with Funambol. You will start by installing Funambol on a personal computer, and then move on to acquire detailed information on the Funambol architecture and the network requirements for deploying it. You will cover several components of Funambol such as Data Synchronization Server, Device Management, Client Plugins, and more. As you reach the end of the book, you will delve deeper to explore the wide range of possibilities of the Funambol platform beyond the immediate needs of personal data synchronization and mobile email. The book is also a great starting point for anyone who aims to extend Funambol. This book was targeted at version 7.1 of Funambol, but is also applicable to version 8.
Publication date:
December 2009

About the Authors
  • Stefano Fornari

    Stefano Fornari is a co-founder and CTO of Funambol, Inc., the leading provider of open source mobile cloud sync and push email solutions for billions of phones. Stefano had several years of software development experience before starting the Funambol open source project in 2003. He was one of the main contributors of the project and was also the project manager. Today, Stefano is in charge of the engineering team of Funambol. Prior to his development work on Funambol, Fornari was the chief architect at Stigma Online where he played a key role in the development of the company’s flagship portal product, SolWeb Intra. He has also held positions at Compaq, where he was an advisor on wireless technologies in PDAs, and at Art Technology Group (ATG) as a consultant. He holds an M.S. Degree in Computer Science.

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  • Rosalinda Garza Mozayani
  • Funambol inc
Funambol Mobile Open Source
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