Full-Stack Web Development with GraphQL and React - Second Edition

By Sebastian Grebe
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About this book

React and GraphQL when combined provide a very dynamic, efficient, and stable tech stack to build web-based applications. Moreover, GraphQL is a modern solution for querying an API which represents an alternative to REST and is the next evolution in web development.

This book will guide you through creating a full-stack web app from scratch by using modern web technologies such as Apollo, Express.js, Node.js, and React. You’ll start by configuring and setting up all the basics required to run an app based on React and GraphQL. You’ll then solve complex problems with GraphQL, such as abstracting multi-table database architectures and handling image uploads using Sequelize. While building a Graph Book app later, you’ll understand the tricky parts of connecting React to the backend and maintaining and synchronizing state. Next, you’ll be able to write reusable React components and use React Hooks. As you progress, you’ll write test cases using Jest to verify the frontend and backend functionality for your app and cover deployment. Finally, you’ll deploy your app on AWS and ensure continuous deployment by using Docker and Travis CI.

By the end of this book, you’ll have learned how to build and deploy scalable full-stack apps confidently using React and GraphQL.

Publication date:
November 2021

About the Author

  • Sebastian Grebe

    Sebastian Grebe is a verified computer science expert for application development. He is a young entrepreneur working on a variety of products. He specializes in web development using modern technologies such as React and FeathersJS, but also traditional technologies such as PHP and SQL. Furthermore, he developed professionally by merging old and new applications, and developing cross-platform apps with React Native and Ionic. Currently, he is actively working on his software agency, called Open Mind, which manages various software projects. He is also actively pushing a social network app that utilizes React, Apollo, and Cordova, which is called Coupled. He has worked for various companies as a software engineer and project manager, such as DB Netz AG.

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