Full-Stack Development with Angular and GraphQL

By Ahmed Bouchefra
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About this book

Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in modern web development, allowing developers to not only build apps and reuse the code but also build apps for any deployment target. For web, mobile web, native mobile, and native desktop, GraphQL is the modern and REST alternative for querying web APIs. Using both Angular and GraphQL will give you a future-proof and scalable stack you can start building your or your clients’ apps around.

This book will teach you how to build apps using cutting-edge technologies such as Angular, GraphQL, Apollo, and Node.js. You’ll learn how to solve common web development problems with GraphQL, such as database access, authentication, and image uploads.

The book starts by introducing you to building full-stack apps with Angular and GraphQL. Next, you’ll learn the basics of Angular application architecture. As you progress, you’ll understand how to configure a Node.js application to use GraphQL. Later, the book demonstrates how to configure an Angular application to use SSR (server-side rendering) and get data from a Node.js API that uses GraphQL to interface with a database.

By the end of this book, you’ll have the skills you need to be able to build your own full-stack application. You’ll also be well-versed with the concept of serverless to deploy your application to AWS Lambda.

Publication date:
November 2021

About the Author

  • Ahmed Bouchefra

    Ahmed Bouchefra is a software developer and technical author with an engineering degree in software development. He is an expert in web development using modern technologies like Angular and Node.JS along with using traditional technologies such as Python and Django. He’s an open sourcerer, developer and maintainer of multiple open source Angular libraries such as ngx-qrcode2. He's also actively writing tutorials about modern web development on his blog and other industry-leading websites.

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