Flutter Web - Build a Diary Web App with Flutter and Cloud Firestore [Video]

By Paulo Dichone
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About this video

If you have wondered how to leverage your pre-existing Flutter/Dart development skills, then you will be happy to know you can now build dynamic, scalable, and adaptive web apps with Flutter!

Flutter 2.0 is a big release - you can use Flutter and Dart to build adaptive web and desktop apps - all with a single codebase.

In this course, you will learn how to leverage Flutter (Web) 2.0 and Dart and build a capstone app called DiaryBook.

In this course, you will build a full-fledged, more complex, Flutter web app with Firestore; FirebaseAuth as the backend; create, authenticate, and log in users using Google Cloud FirebaseAuth; create, edit, delete, update diary entries with Cloud Firestore backend; use providers, StreamBuilders in Flutter web; learn how to implement basic and advanced routing in Flutter 2.0 web; finally, deploy Flutter web app to firebase hosting.

By the end of this course, you will have all the tools and knowledge you will need to build adaptive Flutter web apps competently and easily port the same app into desktop apps on your own!

All the code files and resources for this course are available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Flutter-Web---Build-a-Diary-Web-App-with-Flutter-and-Cloud-Firestore

Publication date:
August 2021
9 hours 31 minutes

About the Author
  • Paulo Dichone

    Paulo Dichone is an Android, Java, and Flutter developer and teacher. He is passionate about teaching people about Android, Java, and Flutter development and has taught over 80,000 students across 175 countries.

    He holds a degree in computer science from Whitworth University and loves programming, apart from teaching. Paulo has extensive experience in mobile app and web development and is also the founder of “Build Apps with Paulo”, where students are given the tools that they need to become professional developers.

    Showing students how to make amazing applications/software is an extremely rewarding experience for him, which is why he has been teaching online for the past five years. His goal is to make you a great developer, no matter what your experience.

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Flutter Web - Build a Diary Web App with Flutter and Cloud Firestore [Video]
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