Firebase for Android Development [Video]

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By Eric Decanini
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About this video

Building a successful app needs a backend platform to store your users' data, which is taxing and inefficient if you try to create your own. There are so many devices that would take you forever if you tried to test your app on them. You will waste time fixing bugs affecting your app and it's almost impossible to tailor your app to each user's needs.

This course starts by explaining the features and benefits of using Firebase as a backend. Firebase is a seamless way to connect your app to the cloud. This way, your app can access its various tools and services—for example, its databases (to create an easy backend) and its crash reporting services, to save you plenty of time debugging. This course will help you build a to-do list application that rewards users with value points for completing tasks, allowing them to reap rewards such as special features as they get more tasks done. You'll also be able to access a PC version of the app to add and remove items, which will update on all platforms in real-time. You'll even be able to send alerts from the PC to the Android version of the app, even if the app hasn't yet been opened on Android, to make sure important tasks never go unchecked.

By the end of the course, you will be able to implement Firebase and its different tools and services in any app. You will be trained to think from the perspective of your users, build the right backends to support their needs, and run effective tests to make sure the features you build are successful.

Style and Approach

This course starts by exploring what Firebase is, what it can do, and how YOU can use it to its fullest extent. You will then look at many of its different tools and services and implement them in the development phase. This course aims to increase user engagement and you will learn to keep a user-based perspective so that you know what your user's app needs are and can, therefore, create a successful app using Firebase.

Publication date:
August 2018
2 hours 34 minutes

About the Author

  • Eric Decanini

    Eric Decanini is a Firebase developer who immerses himself in too much coffee for his own good and implements backend solutions using Firebase in Android and in AngularJS with the goal of sparking User Engagement through the cloud. He works as a freelancer implementing Firebase backends and services in Android applications and manages a Firebase blog on his website:

    At the tender age of 16, he took the role of lead developer to create a School Planner app: Classify. Now he works towards his goal of meeting new people and transforming dull, boring work into a balance of enjoyment that feels like the good days of college… but with more coffee of course.

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Good learning video and still much time to study