Feature Management with LaunchDarkly

By Michael Gillett
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About this book

Over the past few years, DevOps has become the de facto approach for designing, building, and delivering software. Feature management is now extending the DevOps methodology to allow applications to change on demand and run experiments to validate the success of new features. If you want to make feature management happen, LaunchDarkly is the tool for you.

This book explains how feature management is key to building modern software systems. Starting with the basics of LaunchDarkly and configuring simple feature flags to turn features on and off, you'll learn how simple functionality can be applied in more powerful ways with percentage-based rollouts, experimentation, and switches. You'll see how feature management can change the way teams work and how large projects, including migrations, are planned. Finally, you'll discover various uses of every part of the tool to gain mastery of LaunchDarkly. This includes tips and tricks for experimentation, identifying groups and segments of users, and investigating and debugging issues with specific users and feature flag evaluations.

By the end of the book, you'll have gained a comprehensive understanding of LaunchDarkly, along with knowledge of the adoption of trunk-based development workflows and methods, multi-variant testing, and managing infrastructure changes and migrations.

Publication date:
October 2021

About the Author

  • Michael Gillett

    Michael Gillett is Head of Development and a full stack software engineer residing in Michael Gillett is a head of development and a full-stack software engineer residing in London, UK. He has worked with feature management and LaunchDarkly for several years and has defined processes and techniques to enable teams to get the most from this approach to software delivery. He often talks on this subject at conferences and events. Michael graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with an MSc in computer science and a BEng in electrical and electronic engineering in 2012. Since 2012 Michael has been a Microsoft MVP, currently in the Windows Insider category.

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