Facial Animation and More in Unreal Engine 4 3D Animation [Video]

By Michael Ricks
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About this video

Unreal Engine 4 and Daz Studio are outstanding, freely available animation programs that allow you to create stunning character animations like a professional. This course uses high-quality Daz 3D characters to teach you how to export any morph target of your choice from Daz Studio and use it in Unreal Engine 4.

One of the most powerful features of Unreal Engine 4 is its ability to display animations in real time, unlike slow, sluggish systems that hinder your animation creativity. When you export your animation to an image sequence or to a video file for compositing, you’ll be able to render your animation in near real-time. You’ll also discover how to create high-quality facial animations confidently.

This course comes with the following five fully rigged characters that you can use in cinematics and videos:

Super Dude - Based on the Daz3D Genesis 8 character, Super Dude was created and sculpted in ZBrush by Michael Ricks. This character is inspired by the character from the hit film The Incredibles. Super Dude comes fully rigged with a ton of facial morphs and phoneme mouth shapes for accurate lip sync punctuation.

Wendy - Based on the Daz3D Genesis 3 character, Wendy is a cute toon girl character created and sculpted in ZBrush by Michael Ricks. She also has many facial morph and expression controls and can be made to come alive immediately in Unreal Engine 4. She has big expressive eyes, and can be easily made to emote in no time.

Lil' Frankenstein - Based on the Daz3D Genesis 3 character, Lil’ Frankenstein was also created in ZBrush by Michael Ricks. Frankie comes with a wide array of facial morphs and can display many emotions.

Billy - Based on the Daz3D Genesis character, Billy was created and sculpted in ZBrush by Michael Ricks and comes with a wide range of facial morphs.

Epic Robot – This is a realistic robot character created by Epic Games for the hit virtual reality game Robo Recall. It comes with inbuilt animation and the sound of a “roar.”

By the end of this course, you’ll be well-versed with facial animation in Unreal Engine 4 and be able to create impressive character animations.

Publication date:
May 2020
3 hours 41 minutes

About the Author
  • Michael Ricks

    Michael Ricks is an animator, VFX artist, and an independent filmmaker. He has been making films and creating visual effects for Indie films for over 15 years. Upon discovering Unreal Engine 4, Michael was overwhelmed by its realistic real-time rendering engine. In the past, it would take hours, if not days, to render each frame of an animation and it was impossible for an independent artist to complete a full-length film, but Unreal Engine 4 has leveled the playing field. It has enabled the storyteller to create their vision with their animation skillset. No longer will you be held back due to the limitations of technology - join Michael on this fun and creatively satisfying journey to explore the interesting UE4 toolset now!

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Facial Animation and More in Unreal Engine 4 3D Animation [Video]
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