Expert Microsoft Teams Solutions

By Aaron Guilmette , Yura Lee , Grant Oliasani and 1 more
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About this book

Microsoft Teams is designed to improve collaboration and integrate components of SharePoint, Exchange, Power Platform, and voice calling into a single platform.

Written by Microsoft engineers, Expert Microsoft Teams Solutions covers in-depth topics in Teams that are not covered elsewhere and explores tasks that customers frequently rely on Microsoft Partners to accomplish.

Complete with step-by-step explanations of concepts, practical examples, and architecture guidance, you’ll learn to plan and deploy Teams for your organization. As you progress, you’ll explore and understand the Teams platform as a whole, from architecture and collaboration through to apps and voice with the help of examples. The book approaches Teams not only from an end-user perspective but also from an administrator point of view. You’ll be able to understand the challenges around modernization in your organization relating to adopting, implementing, and administering Teams and tackle them effectively. By helping you realize the potential of Teams as a platform, this book will enable you to set up and deploy Teams solutions leading to modernization in your organization's chat and voice infrastructure.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to design and implement the most important and exciting aspects of Microsoft Teams.

Publication date:
December 2021

About the Authors

  • Aaron Guilmette

    Aaron Guilmette is a senior program manager at Microsoft, providing architectural guidance as well as taking specifications from customers and giving them to engineers. He primarily focuses on collaborative and automation technologies, including Microsoft Exchange and Teams, Power Automate, and scripting solutions.

    He has been involved with technology since 1998, working with customers that span the government, education, and commercial sectors. Aaron has also worked on certification exams and instructional design.

    Aaron lives in Detroit, Michigan, with his five kids. When he's not busy solving technical problems, writing, or running his kids to events, he's trying to decide whether to make pizza or tacos.

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  • Yura Lee

    Yura Lee is a technical specialist at Microsoft, focusing on all things associated with the modern workplace. She has a Microsoft 365 and Azure consulting background. Today, she focuses on helping state and local governments realize the potential of Microsoft 365 from a collaboration, productivity, and security perspective, while practicing growth and challenging mindset skills.

    Yura lives in New Jersey with her husband.

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  • Grant Oliasani

    Grant Oliasani is a technical specialist at Microsoft.

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  • Alan Nicholls

    Alan Nicholls is a technical specialist at Microsoft.

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Expert Microsoft Teams Solutions
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