Enterprise Application Development with C# 9 and .NET 5

By Bhupesh Guptha , Arun Kumar
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About this book

.NET Core is one of the most sought-after programming platforms that enables you to write applications with ease, targeting any platform, including the cloud. This book covers advanced concepts in .NET 5 while taking you through various design patterns, tools and techniques, cross-platform development, cloud computing, and integration with libraries.

The book provides an end-to-end road map for building enterprise applications from scratch using the latest features of .NET Core 5 and C# 9, with each chapter adding a key component to make your app ready to be tested and deployed. You'll get to grips with concepts related to advanced data structures and understand how ORM, Entity Framework, and ASP.NET Core work. You’ll also learn how to build cross-platform applications using Xamarin. Once you’ve covered techniques for profiling your application and worked with the database, you’ll understand encryption and design considerations for security. Finally, you’ll explore serverless computing with Azure and discover various methods to monitor, deploy, and test your service.

By the end of this book, you’ll have gained in-depth knowledge of .NET Core components and be ready to leverage the features of .NET Core to build and extend your applications.

Publication date:
March 2021

About the Authors

  • Bhupesh Guptha

    Bhupesh Guptha Muthiyalu is a Microsoft certified professional and works at Microsoft as a Software engineering Manager. He has 16+ years of software development experience on the .NET technology stack. His current role involves designing systems that are resilient to the iteration and changes required by needs of enterprise business, validating architectural innovations, delivering solutions with high quality, end to end ownership of products, building diverse teams with capabilities to fulfil customer objectives. He is passionate about creating reusable components and identifying opportunities to make the product better.

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  • Arun Kumar

    Arun Tamirisa is a senior Consultant currently working at Microsoft. He has more than 15 years of IT experience in the design, development, and deployment of enterprise applications using Microsoft .NET and Azure technology stack. He has extensive work experience using popular client-side libraries like Angu

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