Enhancing Tableau with Python and R

By Fran Cardells
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About this book

Enhancing Tableau with Python and R aims to help extend Tableau's capabilities for faster, smarter, and more powerful analytics.

You’ll begin by setting up the TabPy and RServe analytical extensions for Tableau and thereafter, build your first custom functions to cleanse, reshape, and encode data using the most widely used frameworks. Moving ahead, you will learn how to gain more insights by making your analysis more robust, digestible and explainable with the help of detecting outliers, minimizing biases and selecting the most relevant features. Then, you will strengthen your storytelling by augmenting data, applying predictive functions and integrating models in your visualizations and performing key tasks like training a segmentation model, picking the right parameters for cluster analysis, and extracting data from API sources. Furthermore, you will explore the Python and R TensorFlow interface for forecasting, training deep learning models and natural language processing. Lastly, you will get well versed in pairing Tableau with cloud data science and big data environments like Jupyter Notebooks, Heroku, AWS S3 and Apache Spark.

By the end of this book, you will be able to code, integrate and run your own predictive analytics and data preparation pipelines using Python and R and its end-to-end environment within Tableau.

Publication date:
April 2023

About the Author

  • Fran Cardells

    Fran Cardells, PhD is a subject matter expert helping companies of all sizes achieve more with Data Science, Artificial intelligence and Intelligent Software. He has extensive professional experience in the software industry working for Google and Salesforce as an executive, data leader and technologist. Moreover, Fran has helped develop the curriculum of several data science teaching programs. He also serves the Salesforce Developer community as a Tableau and Einstein Ambassador.

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Enhancing Tableau with Python and R
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