End-to-End Real-World Application Development with F# [Integrated Course]

By Onur Gumus
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About this video

End-to-End Real-World Application Development with F# will guide you to develop a fully functional web application that includes server-side as well as client-side programming thanks to Fable, F#, and the JavaScript compiler. We will target the .NET Core platform so that your application will work in a cross-platform manner.

Style and Approach

The lesson starts off easy taking all kinds of audience into considerations and slowly moves into deeper level of complexity.

Publication date:
December 2018
1 hour 59 minutes

About the Author

  • Onur Gumus

    Onur Gumus is working as a lead sofware engineer in Dubai UAE. He has 15 years of experience in .NET and web development. He is a functional programming enthusiast and he has completed many large projects with ASP.NET.

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