Elevating Game Experiences with Unreal Engine 5 - Second Edition

By Gonçalo Marques , Devin Sherry , David Pereira and 1 more
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About this book

Immerse yourself in the Unreal game projects with this book, written by four highly experienced industry professionals with many years of combined experience with the Unreal Engine. Elevating Game Experiences with Unreal Engine 5 will walk you through the latest version of Unreal Engine by helping you get hands-on with the game creation projects.

The book starts with an introduction to the Unreal Editor and key concepts such as actors, blueprints, animations, inheritance, and player input. You'll then move on to the first of three projects - building a dodgeball game, where you'll learn the concepts of line traces, collisions, projectiles, user interface, and sound effects. You’ll also discover how to combine these concepts to showcase your new skills. The second project, a side-scroller game, will help you implement concepts such as animation blending, enemy AI, spawning objects, and collectibles. And finally, you'll cover the key concepts in creating a multiplayer environment as you work on the third project - an FPS game.

By the end of the Unreal Engine book, you'll have a broad understanding of how to use the tools that the game engine provides to start building your own games.

Publication date:
November 2022

About the Authors

  • Gonçalo Marques

    Gonçalo Marques has been an active gamer since the age of 6. He has been using Unreal Engine since 2016 and has done freelance and consulting work using the engine. Gonçalo also released a free and open-source plugin called UI Navigation, which has garnered an extremely positive reception with over 90K downloads, and is still receiving frequent updates and fixes. Currently, he is working at Funcom ZPX, a game studio in Lisbon that has contributed to games such as Conan Exiles, Mutant Year Zero, and Moons of Madness. Gonçalo is currently working on a new Funcom game in the Dune universe.

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  • Devin Sherry

    Devin Sherry is a Principal Technical Designer at People Can Fly, having worked on Outriders using Unreal Engine 4. Before that, he worked on Aquanox: Deep Descent, as a Technical Designer at the studio Digital Arrow. With a decade of experience ranging from the Unreal Developers’ Kit to the newly released Unreal Engine 5, Devin is passionate about creating memorable experiences for players and bringing game mechanics to life.

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  • David Pereira

    David Pereira started his game development journey in 1998, where he learned to use Clickteam's The Games Factory to make his first games. He joined Miniclip Portugal where he worked on popular mobile games like 8 Ball Pool, Gravity Guy 1 and 2, Extreme Skater, iStunt2, and Hambo. In 2016, he worked for MPC London as the Unreal Engine 4 lead developer for the John Lewis 2016 Christmas Campaign VR Experience. After that, he worked on Dungeon Haven for a couple of years, which later became Mortal Shell. In 2018 he volunteered at APSA to teach students with Asperger how to make basic games in Unreal Engine. Today, he's working on his own game, a soon to be announced First-Person Action RPG.

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  • Hammad Fozi

    Hammad Fozi has been passionately involved with technology since he was 12 years of age. Having graduated as a Computer Scientist in 2018, he quickly consolidated his name as an Unreal Engine developer. Currently, Hammad is an Unreal enthusiast, co-managing the Unreal Developer Community of Pakistan. He currently works as an Unreal Engine developer at TLM Partners Inc., who specialize in the development of popular AAA titles in partnership with the top global game studios. The talented team members at TLM Partners have worked on immensely popular games such as Need For Speed, NBA Live, Spellbreak, Madden, War Hammer, PGA Tour, Mafia 3, Batman: Gotham Knights, Medal of Honor, Farcry, COD: Black Ops Cold War, Bioshock, etc.

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Elevating Game Experiences with Unreal Engine 5 - Second Edition
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