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Because you rarely get the freedom to run a perfect all-you-can-eat UX scenario, you have to choose the most effective methods. You need to provide the best results with a reasonable amount of effort, depending on the type of project, the scale, and the budget.
You will learn how to combine methods in a smart way to plan a cost-effective process without compromising your design research and ideation, which are the crucial foundation any successful product is built upon. You will start by seeing what actually drives UX Design and exploring the Double Diamond process and how you can meet the expectations of an actual UX Design. The course will then show you how to understand UX Design and how knowledge is its most important aspect. You will explore cost-effective techniques for your UX Design. You will then see how to Focus on your UX Design and create your own cost-effective UX design. Finally, you will learn to plan a cost-effective process for your UX.
By the end of the course, you will be able to design your own cost-effective UX design process.

Style and Approach

This comprehensive course guides you in using cost-effective methods for a successful UX process. It covers the most important concepts and definitions in a clear and concise manner. You will learn concepts that you can put into practice in your day-to-day tasks.

Publication date:
October 2018
2 hours 50 minutes

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  • Tim Schoch

    Tim Schoch is a freelance UX/Interaction designer from Switzerland. He has years of experience in the industry as a graphic designer and front- and back-end developer and is currently working as a full-stack UX specialist for websites, enterprise products, and mixed reality apps. Throughout his career he has been interested in building easy-to-use stuff and prioritizing the user's needs. Besides his infectious enthusiasm for usable design, Tim holds a UX Design Masters Degree from Nielsen Norman Group.

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