Docker: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques [Video]

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By Tomasz Lelek
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  1. Working with Docker Images by Diagnosing and Testing Using Docker APIs

About this video

This course will give you new possibilities to get the best out of Docker and enhance your skill set. It covers the key aspects of Docker to allow you to create, deploy, and run production-ready applications with Docker using a practical hands-on approach.

In this course, you'll learn to make your storage robust using Docker volumes, ensuring no data loss between containers by leveraging volume lifecycle. You will create and troubleshoot networking in Docker. Next, you will be able to make inter-container communication with best-practice, proven tricks and techniques. We will create a robust image packaging mechanism, and diagnose and debug the most common Docker problems.You will also learn to improve the performance of your set-up by leveraging advanced Docker commands. We will use Kubernetes with Docker to tackle more complex problems of deployment. Finally, you will leverage Docker Compose for orchestrating complex architecture and to create the cloud deployment of multi-container setup with AWS, Azure and GCP.

By the end of this course, you will be armed with crucial tips, best practices, and techniques on Docker. You will be able to tackle and troubleshoot Docker issues in production applications. Please note that proficiency with Docker and AWS is assumed for taking this course.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available on GitHub at

Publication date:
February 2020
1 hour 45 minutes

About the Author

  • Tomasz Lelek

    Tomasz Lelek is a software engineer, programming mostly in Java and Scala. He has been working with the Spark and ML APIs for the past 6 years, with production experience in processing petabytes of data. He is passionate about nearly everything associated with software development and believes that we should always try to consider different solutions and approaches before attempting to solve a problem. Recently, he was also a speaker at conferences in Poland—Confitura, and JDD (Java Developers Day) and at Krakow Scala User Group. He has also conducted a live coding session at the Geecon Conference.

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