Docker on Windows - Second Edition

4.4 (5 reviews total)
By Elton Stoneman
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  1. Section 1: Understanding Docker and Windows Containers

About this book

Docker on Windows, Second Edition teaches you all you need to know about Docker on Windows, from the 101 to running highly-available workloads in production. You’ll be guided through a Docker journey, starting with the key concepts and simple examples of .NET Framework and .NET Core apps in Docker containers on Windows. Then you’ll learn how to use Docker to modernize the architecture and development of traditional ASP.NET and SQL Server apps.

The examples show you how to break up legacy monolithic applications into distributed apps and deploy them to a clustered environment in the cloud, using the exact same artifacts you use to run them locally. You’ll see how to build a CI/CD pipeline which uses Docker to compile, package, test and deploy your applications. To help you move confidently to production, you’ll learn about Docker security, and the management and support options.

The book finishes with guidance on getting started with Docker in your own projects. You’ll walk through some real-world case studies for Docker implementations, from small-scale on-premises apps to very large-scale apps running on Azure.

Publication date:
February 2019


Section 1: Understanding Docker and Windows Containers

This section introduces readers to all the key concepts in Docker—containers, images, registries and clusters. Readers will learn how applications run in containers and how to package their own apps for Docker.

This section contains the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Getting Started with Docker on Windows
  • Chapter 2, Packaging and Running Applications in Docker Containers
  • Chapter 3, Developing Dockerized .NET Framework and .NET Core Applications
  • Chapter 4, Sharing Images with Docker Registries

About the Author

  • Elton Stoneman

    Elton Stoneman has been a Microsoft MVP since 2010 and a Pluralsight author since 2013. Before joining Docker he spent 15 years as a consultant, architecting and delivering large and successful solutions built on .NET and powered by Windows, Docker, and Azure. He's enjoying working with the new evolution of Microsoft stack, helping people understand the great opportunities to modernize existing .NET Framework apps with Docker, and run them alongside new .NET Core apps in Windows and Linux containers. He blogs, tweets, teaches and speaks about Docker all the time. He is a regular at Docker and .NET user groups and he's had great fun speaking at conferences around the world, including DockerCon, NDC, DevSum, BuildStuff, WinOps, and Techorama.

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Latest Reviews

(5 reviews total)
Very well written.
Gut zu lesen / Nice to read !
Good book, some problems during ordering process.

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