Docker Certified Associate (DCA): Exam Guide

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By Francisco Javier Ramírez Urea
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  1. Section 1 - Key Container Concepts

About this book

Developers have changed their deployment artifacts from application binaries to container images, and they now need to build container-based applications as containers are part of their new development workflow. This Docker book is designed to help you learn about the management and administrative tasks of the Containers as a Service (CaaS) platform.

The book starts by getting you up and running with the key concepts of containers and microservices. You'll then cover different orchestration strategies and environments, along with exploring the Docker Enterprise platform. As you advance, the book will show you how to deploy secure, production-ready, container-based applications in Docker Enterprise environments. Later, you'll delve into each Docker Enterprise component and learn all about CaaS management. Throughout the book, you'll encounter important exam-specific topics, along with sample questions and detailed answers that will help you prepare effectively for the exam.

By the end of this Docker containers book, you'll have learned how to efficiently deploy and manage container-based environments in production, and you will have the skills and knowledge you need to pass the DCA exam.

Publication date:
September 2020

Section 1 - Key Container Concepts

This first section focuses on key container concepts. We will learn their main features, how to create images, how to provide networking and persistent storage features, and how containers help us to improve security in relation to processes. You will also learn how to create and deploy container-based applications on Linux and Windows environments.

This section comprises the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1Modern Infrastructures and Applications with Docker
  • Chapter 2Building Docker Images
  • Chapter 3Running Docker Containers
  • Chapter 4Container Persistency and Networking
  • Chapter 5Deploying Multi-Container Applications
  • Chapter 6Introduction to Docker Content Trust

About the Author

  • Francisco Javier Ramírez Urea

    Francisco Javier Ramírez Urea is a technology enthusiast and professional, Docker Captain, casual developer, open source advocate, a certified trainer and solutions architect at HoplaSoftware, and a technical book writer and reviewer. He is also a Kubernetes Certified Administrator, a Docker Certified Associate, a Docker Certified Instructor, and a Docker MTA program Consultant, as well as a Docker/Kubernetes and NGINX expert and a DevOps/CI-CD solutions integrator. He currently works as a solutions architect focused on containers and microservices technologies. He is passionate to teach his students everything he know. Continuous learning is the main motivation of his career.

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