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Docker provides a fast and robust way to deploy applications. At present it is very popular as it makes it possible to get many applications running on the same server; it also makes it very simple to package and ship programs. In this course we cover the new orchestration features and help to build, test, and deploy your app using Docker. We show you how to use Docker Swarm to manage many containers across multiple servers. We familiarize you with local and shared storage and multi-host networking. Additionally, we discuss the core tools such as Docker Swarm and Compose in order to improve your orchestration skills. By the end of this course you will understand how to run a swarm and how to run services on the swarm. Finally you will learn to use docker-compose to create services and deploy multi-container services to a swarm.

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Hands-on guide to orchestrating and deploying scalable and reliable services with Docker

Publication date:
October 2017
2 hours 18 minutes

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  • Randall Smith

    Randall Smith is a senior systems administrator at Adams State University. He has been administering Windows, Linux, and BSD systems since 1999.He has been active in helping other sysadmins solve problems online and off. He has presented at the Colorado Higher Ed Computing Organization and Educause conferences on topics including Linux KVM and Ceph.In his spare time, Randall streams Let's Play gaming videos at Music Free Gaming on YouTube and Twitch.

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