DevOps Culture and Practice with OpenShift

By Tim Beattie , Mike Hepburn , Noel O’Connor and 1 more
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    Section 1: Practices Make Perfect
About this book

DevOps Culture and Practice with OpenShift features many different real-world practices - some people-related, some process-related, some technology-related - to facilitate successful DevOps, and in turn OpenShift, adoption within your organization. It introduces many DevOps concepts and tools to connect culture and practice through a continuous loop of discovery, pivots, and delivery underpinned by a foundation of collaboration and software engineering.

Containers and container-centric application lifecycle management are now an industry standard, and OpenShift has a leading position in a flourishing market of enterprise Kubernetes-based product offerings. DevOps Culture and Practice with OpenShift provides a roadmap for building empowered product teams within your organization.

This guide brings together lean, agile, design thinking, DevOps, culture, facilitation, and hands-on technical enablement all in one book. Through a combination of real-world stories, a practical case study, facilitation guides, and technical implementation details, DevOps Culture and Practice with OpenShift provides tools and techniques to build a DevOps culture within your organization on Red Hat's OpenShift Container Platform.

Publication date:
August 2021


Section 1: Practices Make Perfect

In this section, we are going to introduce the book, where it came from, and how it's organized.

Chapter 1, Introduction – Start with Why focuses on the book's purpose and the target audience. Chapter 2, Introducing DevOps and Some Tools explains, in our words, what DevOps is and how it helps speed up the value chain of product development. We'll explore what this chain is and the bottlenecks that DevOps culture and practices address. We'll introduce a couple of important tools that we'll use throughout the book to navigate around the use of many different types of practices we're going to apply. In Chapter 3, The Journey Ahead, we will introduce how we use real-world stories and the case study we'll use throughout the book that will outline how the remaining six sections of the book are organized.

This will set us up to build a foundation and start a journey of continuous discovery, options, and continuous delivery.

About the Authors
DevOps Culture and Practice with OpenShift
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